Simple Graphical Accounting Engine by RDlab


What is s-gae?

s-gae is a web application designed to display accounting information generated by Oracle Grid Engine (formerly SunGrid Engine) or its free forks such as Open Grid SchedulerSon of Grid Engine, etc. as well as non free forks such as  Univa Grid Engine or Cluster Distributions such as Rocks. This gathered data is stored in a database in order to display eye-candy charts grouped by user, queue or full cluster. Moreover, you can use several filter options to customize the results.


Oracle Grid Engine is now a trademark from Oracle, so we won't be using the 'S' from SunGrid anymore in our project. The result of our poll (check it here) is 'Simple'. So, from now on, s-gae stands for Simple Graphical Accounting Engine.


Why s-gae?

At RDlab we have been running an Oracle Grid Engine cluster for several years and, after realising that available solutions did not fit our needs, we decided to develop a good one.


How does it work?

On one hand, s-gae runs in POSIX environments using a standard PHP script executed by a CRON job (or Windows Task Scheduler). The previous named script calls the qacct tool to gather the accounting information and, after being processed and summarized, it is stored in a database. On the other hand, the application has a web frontend that displays this information and lets the user choose among several filters.




s-gae's work diagram


Who is currently using s-gae?

Several investigation departments/institutions are currently using s-gae to display the statistics of their live clusters. These are some of them:


 The Queensland Brain Institute, The University of Queensland


French agricultural research organization for development in the South and the French overseas regions.



Molecular Modelling & Bioinformatics Group


Bioinformatics and Genomics Department

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 Are you currently using s-gae? Let us now!



Licensed under a GNU General Public License v3.0.LGPLV3


Besides, the application uses some third party plugins, whose license is shown below:

  Oracle Grid Engine Sun Industry Standards Source License (SISSL)
  pChart GNU GPLv3 license
  jquery date_input plugin Released under the MIT license
  jquery blockUI plugin Released under GNU license


This application is able to integrate the qstat frontend PHPQstat application, licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3).



The application requires a Posix System, a MySql database and a PHP web server to run.


  Tarball: Current version (1.1.8a)  

Warning: If you are using version 1.1.2 or 1.1.3, please apply patch1.1.4.php

Warning: If you are using version 1.1.1, please apply patch1.1.2.php and then patch 1.1.4.php

Updating from previous versions to 1.1.1 is not possible and it is necessary to reinstall the application.


    Username: public_sgae  
    Password: public_sgae  


Documentation and support

The installation and users manual is available at

You can contact us by email at Aquesta adreça electrònica s'està protegint contra robots de correu brossa. Necessites JavaScript habilitat per veure-la. or by filing our contact us form.


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